How to fix common Fax Machine issues yourself

Just like printers and photocopiers, fax machines have also become an essential part of your office. And same as printers there occur some common issues with fax machines as well which are disrupting but can be resolved at your own end.

Though fax machines are complicated machines with exquisite sensors and motors yet issues like paper jams, print quality issues, send but cannot receive and such other communication errors are some of the most common issues that are faced by the users. We shall share some troubleshooting tips for such common issues that you can fix at your end and save the money for technician’s visit.

Problem 1. Print quality issue.

Solution.Problems in print can be either too dark or too light a print or that of having lines and splotches on the prints. To resolve the too dark or too light issue you just need to make relevant settings in the density options for print in your fax machine.

For lines and splotches, the reason can be a damaged cartridge which is causing a leak or spill within your machine. This too can be rectified at your end. You need to access the document feeder area, take a strong clean cotton cloth and wipe that area. Also try to carefully clean all the moving parts.

Most important is the scanner slit glass. If the lines appear while scanning and not while printing then the problem lies in the slit glass. For this you need to remove the ADF cover and find a one inch by eleven inch glass. Look for any streaks or lines or anything stuck onto it and try to clean it gently with your finger and then with an alcohol swab.

But if the lines appear while you print the document then you need to access the printer door of the machine. If you find a bunch of dry black powder in case of laser printer fax machines and drips of ink in case of ink jet printer fax machines then you need to replace your ink cartridge and clean the area around.

Problem 2.Multi-feeding.

Solution. Multi-feeding is when the automatic document feeder has a stack of papers and it pulls more than one sheet of paper at a time. This is due to the wear out of a small part in ADF called separation pad. It has a function of separating each paper while it moves out for printing or copying. This means that you need to replace it which can put your fax machine back to work in a good condition. While replacing the separation pad you should try to clean the ADF feed roller as well for putting it to use like new.

Problem 3.Paper jams.

Solution.Paper jam is a common issue faced in printers as well as in fax machines. In small fax machines the target area to check paper jam is the ADF or the printing area whereas the bigger ones alerts you of the area of jam itself. The trick to remove paper jam is to access the respective area and pull the paper in the same direction in which it was supposed to move naturally. If you pull the paper in reverse direction then it may result in wear and tear of small wheels in your machine. Moreover removing the paper forcefully might also result in leaving behind scraps of paper behind and damage small gears in the machine.

Problem 4. Keeps ringing but do not receives faxes.

Solution.This issue arises when your machine does not have an auto receive function switched on. Check your user’s manual and turn it on or reach you operation panel and change the settings to auto receive on.

If you get connection errors on the fax machine then you should check whether it is well connected with the phone line, also check f the line connected has a clear dial tone. If still it shows an error then you must surely contact your manufacturer if the machine is within the warranty period and to the technician if it is not.


Rather than wasting time for the technician to visit and pay him for the visit as well you can easily troubleshoot these common issues at your end.

Hope this would help you a lot in increasing your uptime and productivity and earn more than spend more.

For any further assistance MilkMan Toner Company is always delighted for help you. Do contact us for any queries or details.




E-Maintenance of Canon Printers

Printers these days have become an indispensable part of homes, offices and big organisations. And in case your printer gets out of order due to any reason then the situation can definitely drive you crazy. But how about when your printer doesn’t break down? No down time? Yes, it is possible now with Canon E-maintainence.

It is an opportunity to take complete control of the working and functions of the printer and that too without adding to your administrative burdens. Canon offers a very effective and efficient way to manage, administer and maintain all of your Canon devices. This shall not only let you work more productively with your multifunction printers but also allows you to focus on other important tasks.

Diagnostic System
Canon brings an intelligent and smart Remote Diagnostic System (RDS) in e-Maintenance which sends an email to your service provider as or even before your printer develops a fault. It can also alert your deputed service provider if your device shows a predetermined erroneous outputs like repeated paper jams within a stipulated time or when the toner stock runs below the minimum level.

The automated inbuilt fault notification process is a very valuable and intelligent method to send an email to the service provider and let him quickly determine the most effective and fast way to resolve the issue. This enables the machine to keep working productively, reduce the repair visits and time by informing the service provider in time and helping him determine regarding right tools and parts to the right technician.
Consumable Management

In a very effective way to lessen your burden of managing consumables like ink and toner, eMaintenance automatically assesses the current levels of consumables available. And in case it finds that they are running lower than required level then it sends an automated re-order request to the respective service provider to replenish the stock at earliest.

This shall not only relieve you of running short of toner and ink but it also frees you of stockpiling gathered out of fear of last moment short-runs.

Efficient and cost saving

Canon eMaintenance is one of the most efficient systems which automatically records the meter readings, prepares accurate invoices and that too without any corrections.

Besides offering a guaranteed accuracy of maintaining bill readings, it helps you save cost of appointing a dedicated person to take counter-readings, to keep a check on consumables stock and above all it eases the burden of internal information technology resources.


Safe and Secured

Another important and worth specifying point in eMaintainance by Canon is that security and safety of the organisations has been taken into consideration. This system comes with an inbuilt email program which is meant to communicate with the service provider for stock replenishment, or regarding any fault being developed in the device.

This program allows only that information to be communicated to the service provider which is related to the photocopier. And even all this printer related information which is sent to the service provider is transmitted in encrypted form so that the safety of the organisation is not played with.


Feel impressed? It really is worth implementing in your organisation for optimizing the overall productivity. For any assistance and queries please feel free to contact MilkMan Toner Company.

5 Tips to resolve Canon Printers by yourself

Do you have a Canon Printer? Do you sometimes face the issues like slow printing, no printing, paper jams or faded prints in your canon printer? To your surprise all these issues do not need any professional but can easily be resolved by you in your workplace and without actually incurring any extra cost. In this blog we shall discuss all the routine troubles which you come across while using your printer and give easy solutions for the same.

  1. Slow Prints.
    Usually people complain of the printer being too slow to print. This takes nothing more than just a change in settings to be resolved. Actually this problem is faced due to the high quality instruction to the printer. If your task assigned to printer does not require prints to be of high quality, then you can change the settings for the same by either reducing the quality of print or by selecting the draft mode. And if you are printing directly from the web which includes pages with graphics can also reduce the speed which can be fastened by eliminating the graphics from being printed. In either case, not only the speed of printing improves but even the consumption of ink and toner is also reduced thereby extending the refill time for both.
  2. No Prints.
    If your printer doesn’t print even on giving a print command then it might be one of these reasons: loosened power connection, a long uncompleted task queue or assigned material might contain a huge number of photos or graphics. When you understand the reasons behind the issue being faced, you can easily resolve them. Like check the power connection properly for loosened one and give your command once the On switch shows a steady light and not a flashing one. For undeleted task queue, first delete these incomplete print jobs from the queue and then try to give your command once again.
  3. Paper Jams
    Paper jam alert is given by the machine when either one or two printing papers get stuck in the printer. This might happen accidentally. So you need not panic and simply turn off the printer and unplug it. Then very carefully and gently try to pull the jammed paper without touching the film or rail of the printer. Leave no bits of paper behind in the printer as it may cause more trouble.
  4. No Paper alerts.
    Sometimes the printer keeps on giving “No Paper” alarm time and again even if the tray has enough papers. This issue might be because of an alien object which might have entered the rear paper tray. It can be removed by switching off and unplugging the printer to remove it. This might also be because of improperly loaded paper. So you must consider to load the paper properly and check its edges even. Wrinkled, curled, thick paper or feeding paper which doesn’t match the paper size settings required for the file being put to print. If all the above are taken care and yet the problem persists then you must try cleaning the paper feed roller.
  5. Faded Prints.
    Faded or very light prints are a result of dried ink in case of an inkjet printer which is less frequently used. It can give you a faded print or horizontal lines or even spots in the prints. This happens as the print head gets clogged which can be resolved by running the printer’s utility program. Sometimes the light prints are also because the ink is almost empty. In this case you should refill the cartridges well in time to get quality prints.

With these small yet effective tips you can easily keep your printer running uptime for quite a long time and that too without the help of any technician. If in case these aforesaid issues are not resolved as self-help then you must not try to overdo the tricks and better call the technician for help. For any other information and assistance MilkMan Toner Company is delighted to help you.

Choose the right MFP

Multi-function printers are becoming quite popular among small business as well as large organizations. Being a multi-tasker including printing, copying, scanning, fax, mailing, stapling and more, these smart devices are becoming an indispensable part of offices.

They are highly efficient and convenient and as far as cost is concerned, it is equally economical as compared to stand alone devices.

We are here to give you a better understanding of types of MFPs and their specific functions.

  1. All-in-one MFPs.
    with the very basic functions of an MFP this type of All-in-one(AIO) is used primarily at home. It can copy, scan, fax and print and sometimes include software built to perform some specified task. They are usually networked printers which support wi-fi connections. Some of AIP printers have advanced functionality to connect to digital cameras, card-readers and some others also include DVD and CD burners.

    With varied sizes and capacity, come with multiple trays which cater to different functionalities including copying and printing requirements.

    SOHO stands for Small Office Home Office MFPs. They are commonly seen as large desktop or separate standing units powered in small offices. Being a part of your business whether at home or at office, it performs some functions other than print, scan, copy and fax. With increase in size and capacity, these MFPs include document storage of simple ones and their retrieval.

    They also have duplex printing and copying, stapling and hole-punching as a part of finishing functions. As compared to All-in-one printers for home, SOHO are better in context of output and performance.

  3. Office MFP.
    When talking about an MFP for office, they are expected to do much more than just being an MFP. So these mid-sized free standing units constitute to be an indispensable part of your work routine. They offer you network document storage and also an ability to use customised software which synchronises with your work requirements.

    These not only avail a wide variety of advanced network scan destinations but also undertake the security compliance as a part of their role to authenticate authorised access, keep the stored information in encrypted form for the safety of confidential documents.

  4. Production Printing MFP.
    These are the MFPs which are used in organizations focussed on printing or in departments which use multiple methods of producing content. With high centralisation on printing requirements, these MFPs are built to offer high-quality and high-sped output. They also avail you of high-resolution DPI and a wide range of highly advanced finishing functions.

We aim to help you decide well for acquiring right MFP to meet your requirements. For any kind of queries or information please feel free to talk to us. Milkman Toner Company is always delighted to serve you.

Mobile Printing: A great help at your workplace

Getting mobile is the call of the moment. Becoming an indispensable part of our lives, culture and even most importantly business, mobile devices are ruling the world. Everyone seems like carrying a world in his/her hands in the form of a smartphone or a tablet. Mobile technology has worked wonders to make our lives more convenient with communication, shopping, navigation, reservations and much more.

In business as well mobile devices are proving to be a great help. We are going to focus on the convenience offered by mobile devices in printing. In busy offices, it is a part of routine to give command from your system, then move to the printer and get back to your desk. It seems like you have to keep moving to and fro for n number of times for important prints.

Challenges faced with this routine irritate you when you shut down your system and suddenly realise that you needed important documents to be printed. Or sometimes due to some technical errors your system gets stuck on something or is in the middle of any software update and you feel completely helpless. Having nothing to do except wait, your precious time is wasted.

To help you avoid such an unproductive routine, mobile printing is the solution. With mobile printing you save your documents on the secured cloud storage which you can access from your smartphone, tablet or your system or all of three. You just need to open an app in your device, access the important documents that needs to be printed and with just a tap you can most conveniently get you prints within a matter of seconds.

Some of the other advantages of mobile printing are:-

  1. Wireless Access in present day printers helps you avoid mess of wires connected with each system.
  2. With the data stored in a safe cloud form lets you print the required important documents from anywhere.
  3. Gives you access to get prints from any device like a smartphone, tablet or your system.
  4. You can even scan the documents from your smartphones and tablets and get them printed.
  5. Boosts the productivity and relieves you from the long waiting time.


Proving to be a great support in the busy office culture, mobile printing is helping everyone to get the documents printed just like a breeze. The usefulness of capturing, scanning, sharing and printing from your mobile devices enhances the overall productivity and empowers your employees to go mobile.

If in any case you need further information or assistance, Milkman Toner Company is always delighted to help you through.

A guide to secure your Business Documents while printing.

A business has a lot of things it likes to keep private and a lot more sensitive information which it needs to keep secured. But with modern day printing and easy access to all employees to print unlimited number of documents, a firm’s business safety is at stake. Where a major chunk of companies do not bother to keep a track of who is printing what, and what kind of sensitive documents are being printed without considering the security level, the business owners face challenges to safeguard their information.

With this blog we shall guide you to check if your printer has these features or if you are about to buy a new printer then do check them as safety measures. Presence of such features shall ensure security of your sensitive business information.

These are the features:-

  1. File Encryption.
    While buying a printer, you should look deeply into the feature called file encryption. This feature means that all files are encrypted so that the rest of the connected computers cannot have any access to the documents.

    It also means that after being printed the file is completely erased from the system and wiped away from the reach of any hackers.

  2. Authenticated Access.
    To ensure the confidentiality and safety of your sensitive data related to your business and clients, authenticated access is probably one of the best methods. Choose a printer that helps you spot corporate espionage and allow only authenticated users to access the printer by entering a password.

    With this you can not only ascertain a level of permission you want to grant to each employee’s profile for accessing the sensitive documents, but also it will keep a record showing the printing details of every employee.

    With authenticated access you can also overcome the flaws of mobile printing experienced in other regular printers. It gives you a whole log showing which document was printed by whom. This will help you keep a track of all your employees whether they are operating within the office or from mobiles.

  3. Duplicate copies.
    When an original document is sent to printer for printing, he or she is allowed to do so. The said document is kept in encrypted form and inaccessible space which could be accessed for any additional prints only when the original creator puts his or her password n.

    This feature again enables to avoid the malpractice of getting unlimited number of prints of some sensitive documents by jamming the printer.

All these above mentioned features when combined in a printer give you the best security against any leak out of corporate secrets or sensitive documents or client data.

We are delighted to announce that all these privileged features are a part of OKI printers. Being a pioneer I the industry, OKI aims to put you before self and consider your convenience and security as a priority while developing new products.

In case you want any more information on OKI printers, photocopiers or scanners, feel free to Contact us. At Milkman Toner Company, we love to hear from you, so please reach out if we can answer any questions or help in any way.

Managed Print Service – A practise ensuring Efficiency

As of now everyone is quiet aware of what MPS is. Still giving a brief introduction, MPS is an acronym for Managed Print Services which aims to help you gain visibility and have control of your printing routine. It also helps you save a lot of money, improve productivity and enhancing environmental sustainability.

Managed Print Services has a much wider scope which includes managing and optimizing the capacity of your printers and the processes that are attached to them. Its ambit includes:-

1. Devices
Desktop printers, MFPs, Photocopiers, scanners and other high-volume printers.

2. Supplies.
* Paper requirements and usage of ink, toner and other consumables.
* Materials sent for fast printing, mailing and distribution.

3. Workforce.
Printouts produced by staff

4. Services.
Serves as IT support, technical support, maintenance, upgrading and other related requests.

Advantages of MPS

  • Assess & optimize your print environment.
    MPS helps you in assessing and evaluating your current operating costs in terms of power, ink, paper and other consumables. Once analysed, it offers you intelligent and productive printing solution thereby optimizing your print policy.
  • Track the Print costs.
    With an up-front assessment and analysis of your current printing infrastructure, MPS monitors, tracks and manages total print output environment in terms of unnecessary printing and other document related expenses thereby eliminating needless costs.
  • Enhance Security.
    MPS offers an advantage of securing your printers from being attacked by illicit intruders and safeguard information in transit and in queue.
  • Initiate eco-friendly steps.
    Being ecologically friendly shows your awareness and respect towards environment. MPS helps you a lot towards reducing greenhouse effect by consuming less energy, less paper and keep waste out of landfills.
  • Automated workplace solutions.
    It helps converting the slow and paper –based processes into automated one thereby enabling an “automated document workflow” and streamlining other related process.
  • Helps a lot in striking off undesired costs and save time and money for business expansion.

  • It gives customized solutions. 

Milkman Toner Company as your MPS Company.

Milkman Toner Company can help you in following ways:-

  • Expert Document Assessment & Recommendation
  • Fleet Optimization & Redeployment
  • Remote Monitoring & Management
  • Automatic Supply Fulfilment
  • Expert Support Team to Increase Uptime
  • One Invoice for all of Your Devices
  • Quarterly Strategy Reviews


If you haven’t seriously thought about what a major chunk of printing costs add up to your total operations cost annually, then it is the right time to do it. Take a note of it and imagine running your business without being occupied with your printer fleet issues.  Let us manage your printer fleet and find you in an assured performance and efficiency enhanced environment with higher return on investment.

Lease the right Photocopier

Lease the right Photocopier.

Leasing is one of the best ways to save your hard earned money without compromising on the functionalities of the new equipment. Same is true for a photocopier as well. Leasing an essential equipment like a photocopier for your office is an important decision and should undergo some research work.

So here we are, to guide you on some of the important aspects that you should consider before signing a lease contract.

  1. Recognize your requirements.
    This simply means that first and the foremost thing that you need to consider is analysing your business requirements. You must understand as to what are your copying/printing needs. This apprehension will not only help in deciding the features required to get your work done but also evaluate your current and expected print needs. Broadly users are categorised into three categories as Home users, Small offices and Large concerns.

Home users like include students or families or individuals who have printing requirements for home assignments or photos only. For this category, a colour inkjet printer can easily accommodate their requirements.
For small offices, where quality output is important, can choose from a laser printer or a colour inkjet printer for economic running costs.
Whereas large business concerns have heavier printing and copying needs and hence need a multi-function photocopier. To avoid any hindrance in the workflow big businesses should opt for laser printers.


  1. How to pick the right buy?
    It’s very easy these days to find anything online that you need at the most competitive price. But sometimes just for the sake of catching the product at cheap rates, users don’t go into details which turn out to be a disadvantage later. So it’s always good to ask questions regarding:-

    a) if there are any hidden costs related?
    b) if the company (in question) has good reviews?
    c) if they provide satisfactory after sales?
    d) if they provide quick solution without any delay in response time?
    e) if they offer buyout or upgrade or end the lease with the completion of lease time?

  2. Understanding your lease agreement.
    Before entering into a lease agreement, you should always know and understand all the terms mentioned in the contract like:-
    a) Your payment terms. Be well aware of the amount and the interval of your payment. If the payment gets delayed or in case you want to exit the lease contract, what penalties shall be imposed on you?
    b) Damages Covered. Try to find whether your contract covers any accidental damage? What type of and what amount of repairs does your agreement cover?
    c) Extra hidden costs. Make sure that the cheaper looking product does not have extra hidden costs. These can be in the form of costs for ‘add-ons’ or slow or unresponsive services causing a disrupt in your work environment.


Considering the above mentioned points before leasing a printer/copier you can definitely benefit from the leasing arrangement. Saving money not only by leasing that purchasing outright, you can acquire a printer like a pro in no time. For any other assistance, Milkman Toner Company is always happy to hear it from you. We understand that each individual has different priorities and we can refer the best advice that helps you as an individual or your business to work with optimum efficiency.

4 Finishing Options to Help You Get More out of Your Multifunction Printer

Today, printers have emerged as true office document management workhorses. It’s simply incredible to know about so many functions that a printer can perform. At the same time, it is unfortunate that not many offices use these functions to the max to improve their efficiency. Finishing option is one such feature.


Here are some ways in which you can get more out of your multifunction printer –

1 – Booklet Printing

By setting the booklet finisher to your printer, you can avail of a great way to boost productivity. The print setting is adjusted to print two sides with space at the center to make a fold and get a smaller booklet page. Some printers also offer saddle stitching (or stapling) on the edges to provide a more refined look to the booklet.

2 – Hole punching

Filing of documents is routine. But the effort to get holes punched in a consistent manner as per the alignment of the file is tedious. Let your printer handle this job for you. With a hole punch finisher, you can get holes punched in neat rows on stacks of papers. You can choose from a two hole or a three hole punch, depending on the type of binder you will be using. This way, when the paper drops off the tray, it fits into the rings and is bound automatically without effort.

3 – Stapling

With the stapling function you can easily organize larger stacks of papers into smaller groups. If you are looking to make multiple copies then stapling the single instance of a copy will make total productivity sense. Automatic stapling is a great finishing option to have when you need to keep certain sections of your print job together as a single unit.

4 – Folding

C- Fold (folding into three equal parts to fit an envelope), half fold, Z- Fold (folding one edge of the paper), or accordion fold; the folding techniques employed in today’s age of communications are too many. How about having a folding finisher that does the appropriate type of folding of the sheets for your convenience?

Check out which printer brand or model carries what type of compatible finishing option, before you buy them. Connect with us at Milk Man Company here in Sacramento, CA.

Top 5 Laser Printers to Buy in 2017

The huge array of printer models made available by multiple OEMs has made our purchasing decision harder. If you are looking for a laser printer, then you are at the right place. Today we take stock of the best laser printers retailing here in the US this year:


1 – Samsung ProExpress M3320ND

The printer offers a 250-sheet drawer and in-built duplex printing facility. It also integrates Google Cloud Print. It offers a speed of 35 ppm for text- only pages. It generates decent quality prints above par for a mono laser.


2 – HP LaserJet Enterprise M712dn

The mono laser offers a top speed of 41 ppm on B/W text pages. The EPEAT Silver compliant machine is best for small office use and offers tabloid size printing as well. This model too has an auto duplexer. Business collaterals like brochures and flyers can be easily printed at low running costs.


3 – Dell Color Cloud

This slightly heavy duty workhorse is an ideal MFP for smaller offices that put emphasis on good quality and faster prints. It offers scan as well as cloud printing options. Connectivity is enabled through Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB. It also comes with PCL and PostScript drivers – an important consideration for enterprise grade printing.


4 – HP Laser Jet Pro 400 M401n

Integrated with HP ePrint facility and offering superb quality prints, this printer is a must have for a creative agency or students who look for attention to detail. It doesn’t have a touch screen and offers a low-cost printing option. So if your agency is high on quality but low on costs then this is it (if you can afford to give duplex printing a miss, as the Laser Jet Pro doesn’t offer this feature).


5 – Canon Laser Class 710

Offering a 19ppm printing speed, the Laser Class doubles up as a standalone fax machine too. The proprietary ultra high quality (UHQ) from Canon provides sharp image reproduction. It can hold up to 600 sheets through three trays – 2 front- loading trays of 250 sheets each, as well as a multi-purpose tray that fits 100 sheets.


Which one of these will be your pick of laser printer for home or workplace? Do write to us and let us know.