5 Nifty Ways for Longer Copier Life

Copiers are irreplaceable parts of corporate workplaces. Depending upon the business, an average copier prints more than 10,000 sheets every year in the United States. The workload on your copier machine determines the lifespan of the machine. Modern copiers are thus made to be sturdy and work longer than traditional machines. Further, they integrate several different functions relating to copying, scanning and printing of documents. It’s obvious that at some point in time, the copier will come up with errors or loss of functionality. However, most of these errors can be rectified with proper maintenance and minimum DIY repairs. So, rather than approaching a copy machine repair professional here are some ways you can get the max out of your copier.

Konica Minolta Copier Machine

       1.      Choosing the right location for your printer

It is highly recommended that you place your copier away from places that are exposed to extreme temperatures. Do not keep it near the windows (direct sunlight), air conditioners, heaters, etc. This prevents dust accumulation considerably.

       2.      Replace ink and toners immediately

There is no need to exploit your toner and ink cartridge. It is best to replace them as soon as you get the first light indication. Overuse of the cartridge can actually damage the drum.

       3.      Be careful with the paper

For offices that are humid, the copier machine may not work at its best. Exposing the paper and keeping it on the tray attracts moisture which in turn ruins both the print and the machine itself. Stack away your paper and load only when you need to do so.

       4.      Respond to paper jams immediately

Paper jams and cartridge jams can be easily taken care of. Don’t leave them overnight for the maintenance personnel to take a look the next morning. Also, after pulling out a jammed paper, have a compressed air can handy to blow out the dust and the paper particles that might have got blocked in the process.

       5.      Always keep the lid down

If the drum of the copier is exposed to the elements for longer, it might damage the copier. Always have the lid down when not in use and even during copying state. Lift the lid only to replace documents.

If you are unable to identify the root cause in the copier, make sure you contact a copier repair service in Sacramento that can fix the machine within no time.

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