Affordable Printers and Copiers for Small Businesses

Do you have a small business? Are you looking for a machine that can be used to prepare business documents, improve employee productivity and fits well within in your budget?

There is a wide range of business printers and copiers today that make choosing the right one a real challenge. Initially, a modestly priced multi-function machine might seem like a good idea, but end up proving not so when the cost of consumables and operation required by your new purchase become not so inexpensive any longer. Multi-function Printers (MFPs) or All-In-One(AIO) makes a sense to small businesses these days so we thought we would help you out in making a right decision for your business.We have analysed the best MFPs with features to suit your small businesses and the key factors to consider are as follows:

  1. Frequency of usage: the foremost and basic factor to keep in mind before purchasing a machine is how frequently you use an MFP. What kind of job do you expect from your machine preferably (printing or copying) and how often?
  2. Quality of Print: what level of quality do you expect from the machine? Do you require a high quality print (coloured or monochrome) or high resolution image printouts or neatness in copying function? Your preference will help you make a better decision.
  3. Duty Cycle: if the volume of average monthly copies are low to mid-volume then the choices may differ from high volume copiers.
  4. Speed: the print speed for document may also be a key factor to decide for the right decision.
  5. USB Key and Card Readers: Multi-function Copiers are found across the board at all cost scales. With advancement in technology USB key and automatic document feeders (ADF) features are required by most medium sized offices.


Easy to use MFPs recommendations are:

  1. Brother:Offering the value and quality for which Brother Products are known, its MFCs are available for small-scale all-in-one printers with network capabilities. It performs the functions of scan, copy and can print through USB connection.
  2. HP: Manufacturing low-volume coloured all-in-one printers with wireless network capability. It not only produces quality images but also does the job of fast printing which suits small business environment.
  3. Epson: Known for manufacturing MFCs with mid-speed but specializes for photo printers for small business use. MFCs by Epson are ideal choice for low-volume copy jobs to print high quality images on DVDs, CDs etc.
  4. Canon: Manufactures laser printers with mid-speed all-in-one machines which can print, copy, scan and fax. Cannon MFCs performs its job with faster prints and copies with speed for enhancing productivity of small offices and businesses.
  5. Ricoh: The broad Ricoh line of network capable color printers are manufactured to meet your needs for high speed, high quality and low running costs. Ricoh offer affordable solutions to the requirements from small offices to centralised production environments.


In Conclusion, whether you are running an organisation, a firm or small business: a photocopy machine is a significant technology that forms an essential part of your office. With budget constraints the decision to buy any machine gets more critical for small business houses. Realising this dilemma, we suggest you to consider comparing brands discussed here for simple printers and copiers for your business. Maximize your investment by doing a good research work on the features and buying the one that exactly matches your requirements. Unnecessary upgrades may not help you but only raise your expenditure.

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