4 Finishing Options to Help You Get More out of Your Multifunction Printer

Today, printers have emerged as true office document management workhorses. It’s simply incredible to know about so many functions that a printer can perform. At the same time, it is unfortunate that not many offices use these functions to the max to improve their efficiency. Finishing option is one such feature.


Here are some ways in which you can get more out of your multifunction printer –

1 – Booklet Printing

By setting the booklet finisher to your printer, you can avail of a great way to boost productivity. The print setting is adjusted to print two sides with space at the center to make a fold and get a smaller booklet page. Some printers also offer saddle stitching (or stapling) on the edges to provide a more refined look to the booklet.

2 – Hole punching

Filing of documents is routine. But the effort to get holes punched in a consistent manner as per the alignment of the file is tedious. Let your printer handle this job for you. With a hole punch finisher, you can get holes punched in neat rows on stacks of papers. You can choose from a two hole or a three hole punch, depending on the type of binder you will be using. This way, when the paper drops off the tray, it fits into the rings and is bound automatically without effort.

3 – Stapling

With the stapling function you can easily organize larger stacks of papers into smaller groups. If you are looking to make multiple copies then stapling the single instance of a copy will make total productivity sense. Automatic stapling is a great finishing option to have when you need to keep certain sections of your print job together as a single unit.

4 – Folding

C- Fold (folding into three equal parts to fit an envelope), half fold, Z- Fold (folding one edge of the paper), or accordion fold; the folding techniques employed in today’s age of communications are too many. How about having a folding finisher that does the appropriate type of folding of the sheets for your convenience?

Check out which printer brand or model carries what type of compatible finishing option, before you buy them. Connect with us at Milk Man Company here in Sacramento, CA.

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