5 Common MFP Issues and their easy solutions

Multifunction Printers are an indispensable part of our workplace these days. Due to multiple tasks that they dispense, any problem in their working can cause frustration and inefficiency amongst your team.

There are some of the common issues which are experienced by MFPs generally and your machine is not an exception to it. Here we bring some sure short ways to prevent you from kicking and screaming at your printer.

  1. Your printer isn’t working.
    The first and foremost thing to do in this situation is to check the basics. There are 2Ps and 1C which denote Paper, Power and Connection. So get your printer plugged in with active power connection, fill the paper tray and ensure it is connected to your computer with the cable or through wireless connection.
    If still the machine is not taking the command then try it again by restarting. Some network issues get sorted by simply allowing the machine to reboot. If still some error or warning is shown on the machine for insufficient toner or machine out of paper, then please do the needful. But if the printer is scanning and copying but not printing then the fault lies in the network connection of your computer. Run the trouble-shooter on the Printers and Scanners settings and get the issue resolved.
  2. Printers take too much time to print.
    Sometimes when your printer has too much printing load, you wish to get it done a bit faster. MFPs have this provision to speed up the tasks with just a few changes to the printing settings and network settings.
  • Slow speed of your printer might be because of the poor signal strength or distantly located router. This can be fixed by updating your network connectivity from outdated protocol and by repositioning the router to enable strong signals and more bandwidth.
  • Lower the print quality to speed up the printing job. Just change the default settings from high quality to draft or standard in case the quality is not a priority.
  • Switch to simplex mode of printing to save time as the default duplex mode though conserves paper but also slows down the speed.
  • If all this is still not serving the purpose then try to add some more memory space to your printer and get better performance.
  1. Wet looking and wrinkled Prints.
    This issue is faced when you have used wrong type of paper for laser printer. The logic behind it is that paper meant for inkjet printers are coated for ink absorption whereas if this paper is used in laser printer, then the coating prevents the toner to stick on to the paper and the result is wet looking and wrinkled prints in your hands.
    So the solution to this issue is to read the label on the paper and then put it to use in relevant printer. Another tip on this is to try to keep the printer paper in the wrapper rather than in open as it may catch moisture and can result in fuzzy prints.
  2. Lines, Spots or marks on Images.
    Many a times we experience unexpected lines, spots and marks on all the print jobs. The first step to fix this is to determine when does it appear? If these appear on the print and copy commands then the problem lies I the print drum or paper feeder. But if they appear on copy and scan jobs and not on prints then the problem lies in the copy reader or glass.
    Cleaning the glass above the copy reader with a gentle glass cleanser and a soft microfiber cloth can sort this issue out.
    But if the prints are creating a problem then you should try to get the experts or call for technical help rather than trying to resolve it of your own.
  3. Warning sounds quite loud.

If the warning sounds are going nuts then they can be solved by changing the sound settings. Most of the MFPs alerts at critically low levels of the toner and they are fair enough to do so. So rather than scrapping your head go to the sound settings and change the volume level to ow. If you are completely out of toner stock and waiting for the new to arrive then you can just remove the toner cartridge in the meantime. Shake it well to get some drops of toner and a few more prints.


The above mentioned problems are quite commonly experienced and their solutions are equally easy to fix the issues. But there can be many other technical issues which might occur and affect the productivity of your workplace that needs to be attended to by technical experts.

For such issues, one of the best ways to keep your workplace away from sufferings of MFP’s disorders, implement a managed print services strategy. This strategy includes monitoring of usage and supply levels to ensure undisrupted toners, suggestions to optimise usage of print devices. It can even get remote monitoring and technical support to catch and resolve the issues before resulting in downtime. Milkman toner Company provides you with all the support from replenishing your toner, service and maintenance to Managed Print Services and even leasing the printing equipment. We are always delighted to serve you.

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