5 Tips to resolve Canon Printers by yourself

Do you have a Canon Printer? Do you sometimes face the issues like slow printing, no printing, paper jams or faded prints in your canon printer? To your surprise all these issues do not need any professional but can easily be resolved by you in your workplace and without actually incurring any extra cost. In this blog we shall discuss all the routine troubles which you come across while using your printer and give easy solutions for the same.

  1. Slow Prints.

Usually people complain of the printer being too slow to print. This takes nothing more than just a change in settings to be resolved. Actually this problem is faced due to the high quality instruction to the printer. If your task assigned to printer does not require prints to be of high quality, then you can change the settings for the same by either reducing the quality of print or by selecting the draft mode. And if you are printing directly from the web which includes pages with graphics can also reduce the speed which can be fastened by eliminating the graphics from being printed. In either case, not only the speed of printing improves but even the consumption of ink and toner is also reduced thereby extending the refill time for both.

  1. No Prints.

If your printer doesn’t print even on giving a print command then it might be one of these reasons: loosened power connection, a long uncompleted task queue or assigned material might contain a huge number of photos or graphics. When you understand the reasons behind the issue being faced, you can easily resolve them. Like check the power connection properly for loosened one and give your command once the On switch shows a steady light and not a flashing one. For undeleted task queue, first delete these incomplete print jobs from the queue and then try to give your command once again.

  1. Paper Jams

Paper jam alert is given by the machine when either one or two printing papers get stuck in the printer. This might happen accidentally. So you need not panic and simply turn off the printer and unplug it. Then very carefully and gently try to pull the jammed paper without touching the film or rail of the printer. Leave no bits of paper behind in the printer as it may cause more trouble.

  1. No Paper alerts.

Sometimes the printer keeps on giving “No Paper” alarm time and again even if the tray has enough papers. This issue might be because of an alien object which might have entered the rear paper tray. It can be removed by switching off and unplugging the printer to remove it. This might also be because of improperly loaded paper. So you must consider to load the paper properly and check its edges even. Wrinkled, curled, thick paper or feeding paper which doesn’t match the paper size settings required for the file being put to print. If all the above are taken care and yet the problem persists then you must try cleaning the paper feed roller.

  1. Faded Prints.

Faded or very light prints are a result of dried ink in case of an inkjet printer which is less frequently used. It can give you a faded print or horizontal lines or even spots in the prints. This happens as the print head gets clogged which can be resolved by running the printer’s utility program. Sometimes the light prints are also because the ink is almost empty. In this case you should refill the cartridges well in time to get quality prints.

With these small yet effective tips you can easily keep your printer running uptime for quite a long time and that too without the help of any technician. If in case these aforesaid issues are not resolved as self-help then you must not try to overdo the tricks and better call the technician for help. For any other information and assistance MilkMan Toner Company is delighted to help you.

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