Learn, Why Konica Minolta 601-751 is the right machine for your business

For success in your business, you need top-notch office machines that let you take care of all your needs efficiently and within budget. If you want to stay ahead of the competition and shine in a competitive market, getting your office equipment optimized for high productivity is crucial. Printing, scanning and copying are essential office operations that need to be handled expertly, and having the right device for the job makes things that much easier. The one machine that can take your office workflow to the next level is the Konica Minolta Bizhub 601. The machine comes with advanced features, simple operation, stellar value for money and important tools to constructively aid office operations and workflow. This makes the corporate-grade multifunction copier the one appliance you cannot do without in your office.

Konica Minolta 601 Sacramento

Understanding the Konica Minolta 601-751
Konica Minolta is the preferred brand for many businesses in and around the Sacramento area when it comes to choosing efficient and high-performance. The Bizhub 601-751 is a workhorse which churns out amazing, dependable and cost-effective performance for years, and has been one of the mainstays of many successful companies around the world. Here are a couple of the most significant factors about the Konica Minolta Bizhub 601 that makes it such a great choice for your business –

Efficiency – The Konica Minolta 601-751 is truly a performance beast when it comes to efficient, silent and low maintenance operations. It can churn out black and white prints at a whopping rate of about 55 pages per minute. You can cut down significantly on your print wait times and focus on other important business areas. Capable of handling multiple paper and material types of many sizes, the copier can control a monthly load of over 150,000 pages has support for high-speed duplex printing.

Features – The Bizhub 601 is one of the most feature-rich printers made by Konica Minolta available in Sacramento. The large LCD display incorporates a touchscreen and tilt control for ease of use and you also get built-in troubleshooting via the help mode. The built in hard drive lets you store important documents and information, and the copier comes ready for full wired or wireless network integration.

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