Managed Print Service – A practise ensuring Efficiency

As of now everyone is quiet aware of what MPS is. Still giving a brief introduction, MPS is an acronym for Managed Print Services which aims to help you gain visibility and have control of your printing routine. It also helps you save a lot of money, improve productivity and enhancing environmental sustainability.

Managed Print Services has a much wider scope which includes managing and optimizing the capacity of your printers and the processes that are attached to them. Its ambit includes:-

1. Devices
Desktop printers, MFPs, Photocopiers, scanners and other high-volume printers.

2. Supplies.
* Paper requirements and usage of ink, toner and other consumables.
* Materials sent for fast printing, mailing and distribution.

3. Workforce.
Printouts produced by staff

4. Services.
Serves as IT support, technical support, maintenance, upgrading and other related requests.

Advantages of MPS

  • Assess & optimize your print environment.
    MPS helps you in assessing and evaluating your current operating costs in terms of power, ink, paper and other consumables. Once analysed, it offers you intelligent and productive printing solution thereby optimizing your print policy.
  • Track the Print costs.
    With an up-front assessment and analysis of your current printing infrastructure, MPS monitors, tracks and manages total print output environment in terms of unnecessary printing and other document related expenses thereby eliminating needless costs.
  • Enhance Security.
    MPS offers an advantage of securing your printers from being attacked by illicit intruders and safeguard information in transit and in queue.
  • Initiate eco-friendly steps.
    Being ecologically friendly shows your awareness and respect towards environment. MPS helps you a lot towards reducing greenhouse effect by consuming less energy, less paper and keep waste out of landfills.
  • Automated workplace solutions.
    It helps converting the slow and paper –based processes into automated one thereby enabling an “automated document workflow” and streamlining other related process.
  • Helps a lot in striking off undesired costs and save time and money for business expansion.

  • It gives customized solutions. 

Milkman Toner Company as your MPS Company.

Milkman Toner Company can help you in following ways:-

  • Expert Document Assessment & Recommendation
  • Fleet Optimization & Redeployment
  • Remote Monitoring & Management
  • Automatic Supply Fulfilment
  • Expert Support Team to Increase Uptime
  • One Invoice for all of Your Devices
  • Quarterly Strategy Reviews


If you haven’t seriously thought about what a major chunk of printing costs add up to your total operations cost annually, then it is the right time to do it. Take a note of it and imagine running your business without being occupied with your printer fleet issues.  Let us manage your printer fleet and find you in an assured performance and efficiency enhanced environment with higher return on investment.

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