Some Common printer problems to be resolved by professionals

Printers are an indispensable part of office work. They can run smoothly for years but sometimes they can present a maddening quirk leading to a failure to perform. The most common problems faced by consumers using printers may be like: printer doesn’t print or flawed output quality or regular paper jams or print speed or no prints from cloud storage or may have cartridge problem. These can happen in busy offices sharing printers or even at homes with lesser workload on printers. Some of these issues can be resolved with self-help in following ways:

  1. Printer doesn’t print: This issue might be present due to a number of reasons. It might be due to no paper in the tray, cartridge becomes dried or the printer is not properly connected to the Wi-Fi for print command from mobile devices. These problems can be easily resolved with filling paper in the tray and replenishing trays fully, refilling of the toner cartridges and fastening of the connecting cables. Consider running the network setup wizard to help attach to the correct network.
  2. Cartridge Issues: printers might give you a low-ink warning, but you don’t need to rush to replace the cartridges immediately. But to be on a safe side, it is advised to order the cartridges as soon as your printer gives an alert for running out but replace it when it really stops printing.
  3. No printing from cloud storage: Latest printers accept and support printing commands from mobile devices. But if you are not able to get prints from iphone, ipads or ipod touch, you must check that your printer supports AIRPRINT as well.
  4. Printer is too slow: Even a slow printer can be helped to speed up a bit unless high quality output is not required out of it. You can do so by avoiding duplex printing, which means not to print on both the sides of the paper, which eventually lowers down the speed significantly.
  5. Web pages won’t print: Web pages vary in size and have unrestricted dimensions with regard to the printer’s paper. It is advisable to check the Print Preview before giving a print command. In case the web page is very wide and needs more help, you must choose landscape mode for such prints.


Although with a little care, you can resolve these issues at your end yet if you are not aware of the printer properly you should get it done by a professional team. A professional Printer & Copier Repair Service might cost you much lesser than cost of permanently disabled device.

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