Still being old school with your Copiers? Well it’s time to upgrade..

Do you feel like your copiers are sufficient? Surprisingly many businesses hold on to their old and antiquated equipment for too long and keep compromising on its efficiency and quality. The copier is actually an unsung hero of the office, a hub of services like printing, copying, faxing and scanning but served with the least upgrades of many office machines. You could be actually losing money and above all, time, by keeping equipment that has already passed its prime. Here are some indicators signalling that you are due for an upgrade:

Upgrade Old Copier

a) Business Goals. Anything helping you achieve your business goals is an asset. If you are still stuck on that old copier that is in no way helping your business with the changed needs that have grown over time, then you can certainly benefit by replacing it with a newer model.

b) Reduced Efficiency. If you usually see a crowd always gathered around your copier, then it is a clear sign of reduced efficiency and delay in workflow. Newer copiers are far more efficient and allow completion of job more quickly and absolutely consume less energy.

c) Lack of Features. Are you still pressing old buttons? You are definitely missing on the latest technology.Touch-screen era copiers have the ability to navigate and offer easy-to-understand menu screens. They help you improve efficiency, give better quality results and raise productivity.

d) Security Risk. Security is an important feature which was completely ignored in older copiers. As all-in-one copiers contain hard drives they must be protected against all the security perils. Latest copiers have features like encrypted hard drives, password protection and safer options for fax and scan to avoid cyber-attacks and maintain the integrity of your office.

e) Frequent Repairs. A very clear sign that your copier shows to get replaced is when your copier technician needs to turns up frequently. The answer to all these hassles and costs is to invest wisely in a new machine.

f) Frequent Paper Runs. Running frequently towards copier to replace papers leads to reduced efficiency. Upgrade your copier to the one with larger paper trays to avoid frequent paper outages and wasting of time on refill tasks.

Upgrading Copier may seem an unnecessary expense today but you must consider the potential savings and gains you get in the form of improved efficiency, raised productivity, higher security all while consuming lesser energy which gives you technological competitive advantage. Experts recommend replacing equipment every five years to maximize the value and stay ahead in competition.