What matters most- Quality or Price of Cartridges

Have you been a victim of a cheap photocopier cartridge?

Then you can easily understand the discomfort of facing the downtime. Although we all look for good bargains but sometimes these unwise decisions claim to be costly affairs.

Talking about buying photocopier or printer cartridges, there are many low price alternatives available in the market. But their reality is visible after you start using it. Initially they seem to be fine but after a few prints, you may come to know the reason for which they were cheap.

In this blog we shall be sharing a few things which you should consider before buying new cartridges.

  1. Compare on time and various other factor.

First of all know what cost are you paying for the original cartridges or quality cartridges presently. Notice the cost they are claiming for the cartridge online. Now compare not only the difference in cost of the two but also the time it will take to arrive you from the day of placing the order. If it arrives in time, then can you afford to wait for new cartridge in case it turns out to be defective or substandard?
Other factor that you need to consider is the returns policy. Returns policy is very easily accessible for reputed companies. Study the return policy before making a purchase so that you are acquainted with all the aspects while returning the product.

  1. Call before you order.

Before placing an order with a company for the first time, try talking to them. The way you are responded over phone can give you an estimate of how they respond to their customers. In case you don’t find any contact information of that company then you should drop the idea of buying from them.

If contact number is available, then do make a call and try to find all the details that matters to you. Ask them about time taken to deliver to your location, clear your return policy doubts (if any), warranty of the product and even about the replacement policy for the same.

  1. Analyse the Deal.

When you are through with all the things that affect your purchase decision, including the bargain or amount less payable, then you must analyse if the deal is worth to be made. In other words that if even if you are able to fetch a discount or you are paying 10-15% less than your current cartridge then is it surely going to benefit you. In today’s world time is money and if you lose time then you are definitely going to lose money.

Analyse the money saved in comparison with the time lost and even the substandard quality of product and after sales service. Carefully measure the disadvantages and benefits of saving cost.

At MilkMan Toner Company, we ensure to deliver you quality products and offer the best replenishment and maintenance services. You can contact us for more details. We are always happy to help you.