OKI’s Smart ES8473- An innovative solution for Small to medium sized Businesses

A multifunction printer that serves the most basic to the varied needs of small to medium workgroups, OKI presents ES8473 to fit in any environment. This MFP will raise the workplace productivity that too at your fingertips. This device from OKI offers you color printing & copying, colour/mono scanning and analogue faxing – all in a compact A3 size that doesn’t need any sacrifice of space for its optimum functionality.

Included in its features are:

  • It is an MFP with A3 colour workgroup that prints, copies, scans and faxes.
  • It I affordable, networked MFP which delivers upto 35 prints or copies per minute.
  • It can print on media from 2.5”x3.5” cards to upto 11”x 52” banners with a stock of upto 256 gsm. It saves you from outsourced printing & copying costs.
  • It has a memory of 1.25 GB and 250 GB of hard disk drive.
  • With a speed of upto 35ppm/cpm in mono/colour itlets you produce professional documents with productivityboosting speeds.
  • First page printing takes as short a time of just 9.5 seconds.
  • It provides duplex printing/copying with convenience stapler and job separator.
  • It has a tilting 7” colour touchscreen display with an intuitive menu system, enhanced help functionalities and a range of software.
  • 100 sheets duplex RADF (reversing automatic Document Feeder) that can scan and print on both sides of the paper.
  • It has ENERGY STAR compliance.
  • It can be easily connected to a network, wireless or web-enabled and compatible to Google Cloud Print Ready as well as to AirPrint by Apple. This enables you to have remote printing from anywhere in the world and no need to be directly connected to the printer device.
  • It has a secure print feature for printing confidential documents.
  • It uses the latest open APIiteration of the smart Extendable Platform (sXP) to support OKI’s printing solutions.
  • ES8473c MFP standard cabinet included, ES8473x MFP standard 535-sheet paper trays


With the above mentioned features a number of more of them OKI Smart is redefining the “Multifunctional” tag and becoming an innovator in the challenging business world today.

OKI can optimize the productivity by simplifying documents processing and workflow. OKI data offers a broad portfolio of products that are developed and built to optimize the managed print engagement. Taking up a consultative approach, the company supports every customer’s requirements and also deliver customized or individualised print solutions that maximize performance.

Renting a Printer is wiser than Buying

When it comes to buying an office printer, the decision needs to be thought about by comparing total cost over flexibility. Many businesses consider leasing as an efficient option to acquire office equipment rather than putting a huge capital blocked for outright purchase. Leasing is a tax-efficient form of finance, which lets you avoid the initial capital outlay and enable cost effective access to latest technology that too at the right time. With a continuous development and advent of new technology in office equipment, leasing is a better option to upgrade office devices rather than purchasing it outright.

We bring to you, some of the advantages of leasing a printer or photocopier:

  • Buying office equipment like a photocopier or printer with the risk of the device becoming obsolete in five years seems to be a daunting investment. So it is wiser to use the capital in expansions and other important acquisitions. Leasing a printer/photocopier will not only fulfil the need but also preserve your existing liquidity but also optimise your commercial credit sources.
  • Flexible Payment. With a leasing arrangement you can make most comfortable and suitable payment plan up to agreed number of years. It gives you immediate access to the photocopier or printer that is required in your office at required speed and right technology and that too without paying a large amount at the time of purchasing the same.
  • Latest Technology. A photocopier or printer is accepted to be an asset that depreciates faster than most of other purchased assets. So, it is a wiser decision to invest in assets that either appreciate or depreciate lesser than a printer/photocopier. For such an office equipment, leasing is the best option available that relieves you from the burden of quick obsolescence and also gives you an opportunity to move on to the latest technology improvements without much hitch.
  • For start-ups or many other businesses, it is advantageous to pay as they use and as they earn. In spite of paying a lump sum amount at time of purchase, leasing offers you easy, equated and accurate amount and number of instalments without any change in the rate of interest. So, it turns out to be sensible decision to pay as you use the equipment.
  • Tax Efficiency. Leasing offers you the same benefits in terms of tax as you have for purchasing equipment. The cost of leasing equipment is deductible as a business expense thereby lowering the net cost of leasing it. Another benefit of leasing is that you can reclaim the whole amount of payout (leasing instalments) on the agreed payment intervals rather than purchasing where you can claim only a fixed percentage of the total amount each year.
  • Return on Investment (ROI). Acquiring new equipment on leasing arrangement gives you increased productivity and also avails cost saving and hence gives you raised ROI.


We hope the above stated points would have convinced you strongly for considering leasing as the next best option. We at Milkman are supported by North Shore Leasing LLC to offer greater flexibility in leasing options to our customers. We would be happy to help you with utmost trained and qualified assistance on any issues regarding printers, photocopiers or multifunction printers. Please feel free to call us.