How to pick the right Printer for your office needs? We help you find out.

Selecting the right printer is at the core of ensuring productive office operations. However, it requires some patience and some research before you actually spend your precious dollars on one of these. In this blog, we have compiled some most significant features that you should look out for in a printer when you collaborate with companies involved in printer sale or leasing. So, here we go:

1. Inkjet or laser? – The most common thing that people look for in a printer is the benefit of laser printer over the inkjet printer and vice versa. One of these might work for you, if you look closely into their specialties.

With an inkjet printer, you can easily print a small amount of copies per week. Inkjet printers are affordable for printing small volumes of printouts in black and white or color, including web pages, photographs and documents etc.

On the other hand, a laser printer should be your choice if you require more than 500 printouts per week. Suitable for large offices, multiple users can simultaneously use a laser printer by sending ‘print’ command through systems on the corporate network.

2. Functionalities – Based on the range of functionalities, you need to choose between single function and multifunction printers through a lease by reputable companies. Also, wireless printing is nowadays considered beneficial for larger organizations where professionals work on a virtual network.

3. Cartridge costs -Checking the cartridge cost will also help you in calculating the actual expenditure on the printer once you buy it for your home or office. The printers with individual ink cartridge require you to replace only one cartridge at a time, making it a reasonably priced option. In a tricolor cartridge on the other hand, you will need to replace the complete three cartridges even when one of these runs out.

Before going for the right printer for your office, an independent Internet research is a must. You can easily note down the pros and cons and user reviews of your shortlisted printers. This will give you valuable pointers in selecting the appropriate printer for your office printing needs.

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